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Live The Language - Live In French! Austin - French Immersion Camps for Kids

Give your children the opportunity to expose or immerse themselves in the French language by living it in daily activities during our

Progressive French Immersion and Cooking Camps
for children 7 to 15

Every Summer, Live In French offers a variety of Progressive French Immersion and Cooking Camps for children. They learn French, learn to cook, enjoy our farm animals, and have a ton of fun! 

See what Stephanie Joos, Austin Montessori School Mom, has to say about our camps:

"How many times have you wished you’d learned a second language? At home with family or friends, listening to the language being spoken , understanding intuitively what was being asked for or said in daily living, absorbing language and almost effortlessly mimicking the language in return. That is what Nathalie offers in Live In French camps and classes. So often learning a new language is frustrating and the older you get, even embarrassing and difficult. Live In French is a comfortable, stress free, embarrassment free environment to absorb the French language and culture. My son Connor, 12 and with no French language experience, spent two weeks in camp with Ms. Nathalie and came away with such an exuberance for the language and culture. He spent the summer talking about the experience and rattling off phrases that he learned in camp. Ms. Nathalie not only taught my son French, she taught him to love the experience of learning French. I highly recommend the Live In French program!"
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Ages:              7 to 15 (grouped by age/level) 
Levels:            Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced/Full Immersion
Ratio:             2 trained native speakers for each camp (1 counselor to 5 campers)
Length:          Each camp is now 1 week long, M-F 
Availability:  Each camp is offered to  a maximum of 10 students to maximize language learning
Location:      Our school-break French immersion camps take place in South Austin on a beautiful
                         7-acre ranch with loads of outdoors and indoors activities available

Camp Address: 

Ranch La Provence

7606 Wildwood Circle, Austin, TX 78737

SUMMER 2017 French Camps  

SESSION 1           June 12  - June 16         BEG = Beginner  (ages 6-12)  FULL*
SESSION 2:         June  19  - June 23         BEG = Beginner  (ages 6-12)  FULL *
  June 26  - June 30          BEG = Beginner   (ages 6-12)  FULL*

*If  you are interested in our French programs, but cannot attend our Summer Camps this year, please check out our new Half-Day Workshops to introduce your children to the French language in a fun and efficient way!

Camp Schedule and Cost: Breakfast and Lunch Included!
Deposit:              $150, due at registration  
Balance:              Beginner Camp:  $170      Advanced Camp: $150
Material Fee:      $30
Time:    8:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. 
              FREE delayed pick-up by 3:00 p.m.   
              Late Pickup available from 3p.m. til 5p.m.:  $20/day/child, to be arranged at registration


We learn French!

In our "Camps de Vacances", students new to French acquire the vital tools and foundation to confidently continue to explore the French language. 

Students with previous French experience benefit from our school-break camps by reinforcing their current knowledge of the language and attaining new levels of fluency:  Advanced camps are full immersion right here in Austin, and campers are sollicited to practice their conversation skills with native speakers. This year, we are expecting to have 3 native speaker camp guides onsite, which will allow for a wide breath of activities and learning experiences, and of course, lots of conversations in French! We will also teach best practices in Language Learning to ensure the campers have a great toolbox  for French and any other future language learning endeavor. Most of these organizational tools and strategies can be applied to many other subjects, with benefits reaching far outside their French studies. Our aspiration is to instill a lifelong love for learning!

For the Beginner camps, we use songs, games, arts and crafts,yoga, exciting activities, and the Live In French method daily to introduce the basics, so that all learn practical skills to be able to comfortably start communicating with a good accent on day 1. We will work on the following topics as much as the general motivation level of that week's participants allow:

  • Basic communication skills (basic greetings, name, nationality and residence)
  • Numbers to 69 and basic colors
  • Days of the week, Months, Time and Dates
  • Common Animals
  • Meals, food and drinks
  • Basic clothing and weather words
  • Body parts and directions

Our camps immediately and repeatedly put learned vocabulary and key phrases in real context, making French relevant, practical, and very enjoyable: this is a French conversation camp!

We learn to cook French classics

Each day, we serve the children delicious, freshly prepared breakfast and lunch, often using popular French recipes.  We use organic/raw/NON-GMO and home-grown products as much as possible: meals are home-made and prepared from scratch and strive to be balanced. Campers will learn to prepare basic but yummy classic French recipes. A bilingual recipe book will be provided at the end of the Beginner camps so they can show off their cooking skills at home, in French or in English. 

We will publish our menu shortly before the camp starts, but here are some of the traditional French dishes & beverages we typically serve, and that campers will most likely get to help with:

- French crudités (shredded carrot salad, cucumber salad, etc.)
- pesto soup
- croque-monsieurs
- pizza from scratch
- fresh pasta from scratch if time permits
- homemade croissants and pain au chocolat
- homemade quiche
- homemade bread  with EVOO rosemary/garlic dip
- delicious imported French chamomille/orange blossom herbal tea

This year's Camp Menu will be similar to last year's: click here to take a look at it!

Homemade Croissants French Brioche 

 French mini quiches French salade de carottes French croque-monsieur 


What else might we do?

During our "Camps de Vacances", children regularly enjoy the following age-appropriate activities, depending on the camp:

- practice yoga poses in French to learn directions and body related vocabulary
- sing popular French songs to enhance their accent without effort, 
- play French games (7 families, 1000 Bornes, Monopoly Junior, Zingo, Memory)
- enjoy our tree house and zip line, participate in  drawing and writing activities, and much more!

 Alpacas Knitting Clothespin_art

Live In French Camps are always very popular and people register as early as January, so please follow the steps below to register as far in advance as possible and make sure your child has a spot!

Step 1: Pay your Deposit today via Paypal  to secure your child's spot right away.  
Alternatively, you can send us a check for $150 to Live In French, LLC. at 7606 Wildwood Circle, Austin, TX 78737, OR Paypal a DEBIT/BANK TRANSFER to specifying which session you want in, but please keep in mind that we cannot reserve your child(ren)'s spot until we receive your deposit.
Also please note that payment of Deposit only guarantees your child' s spot if there is still availability : if the program you chose is sold out or cancelled by the time we receive your deposit, we will wait-list your child and refund your deposit before the camp starts.
FRENCH CAMP DEPOSIT (includes 3% paypal fee)

Step 2: Print our Tuition and Liability form, fill it in, and send us at your earliest convenience (via mail or email). We will need this form to allow your child(ren) onsite.
Registration Download

Step 3: Fill in the Electronic Enrollement Form here.

Step 4: Pay your Balance Tuition via Paypal by your Camp Start Date.  
FRENCH CAMP BALANCE (includes 3% paypal fee)

OPTION: Make a single payment for your FULL TUITION  before your Camp Start Date.  The amount beyond your $150 non-refundable deposit is refundable until Day 1 of Camp.

FRENCH CAMP FULL TUITION (includes 3% paypal fee)

For more information, please contact us at or (512) 699-0605

Please note that any camp with fewer than 5 students registered 1 week prior to the planned start date will be cancelled due to insufficient attendance. You will be notified of the cancellation the week prior to the planned start date. Previously cashed deposits do not constitute a contractual agreement that the camp will take place, and will be refunded to you within 2 weeks of notification if a camp is cancelled.


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