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Georgia Harper, Scholarly Communications Advisor @ UT Libraries - 2017
PROGRAMS: Advanced Grammar Class + Conversation Meetup
I've been attending Nathalie's Advanced French Course (with grammar and homework) for nearly a year, and participate in conversation hours for the summer. Both types of groups are wonderful. We meet at Mozart's so the feel is always casual and friendly. I took the grammar course originally to maintain some momentum in french after a 6-week stay in Paris last spring (2016). The homework was really helpful to keep me engaged during the week -- not too much, just enough. Nathalie is extremely adept at keeping things moving, making corrections on the fly, explaining points of interest about spelling, vocabulary or grammar. We all have plenty of chances to talk and interact as neither class is too large (3-4 in the grammar course; 4-5 in the conversation group). Nathalie always makes us feel welcomed and included, whether we're just starting out or have been with the group awhile. We stick to french as much as possible, and she's patient and encouraging when we're struggling to say or understand something. All questions are welcomed, no matter whether we might feel it's "stupid" or silly. In the advanced class, the emphasis is on how things are actually said in France, not strictly on how you might learn things from a textbook. This proves very useful when you're actually in France, because many times, what you hear others say is not textbook french! I've enjoyed the time in both courses immensely. I definitely recommend her courses to my friends who are learning french. It's very good value for the money, and a whole lot of fun. Nathalie is a jewel!

Alex Labry - Photographer and Author - 2017
PROGRAMS: Advanced Grammar Class + Conversation Meetup
Nathalie has a warm and, I believe, the proper instruction technique to learning how to to speak French. She understands that speaking French is very different than learning how to conjugate verbs! While in France a French person once told me that English was a good language for speaking but French was a better for writing because of its precision. However, French people don't speak like they write. Therefore go to Nathalie to learn how to communicate. Go to UT to learn how to write French

Dr. Gary Zelazny - Retired Dermatologist - 2017
PROGRAMS: Advanced Grammar Class + Conversation Meetup
I have studied french with Nathalie for about 2 years. She is a native speaker. More importantly she is intelligent, passionate, invested in one's progress and also a grammarian. Her sessions are very enjoyable and stimulating.I would recommend her for anyone who want wants to learn the language.

William Kilgore - Retired - 2017 
PROGRAMS: Conversation Meetup
This is the very best French learning experience. Live in French is lead by Nathalie who is a native French speaker. She also speaks several other languages and so has a knowledge of grammar that transcends any one language. Most of all I have found her adult conversation meet ups to be fun. They are wide-ranging discussions in French of whatever topic is interesting to those in attendance. Nathalie is aware of the language proficiency of each individual and makes sure each person has a chance to speak and understand what is said by others. There is no pressure and beginners are made to feel welcome by the whole group. The weekly meetings are highly motivational because one wishes to develop a basic level of communication skill with new friends in the group. Nathalie can direct participants to other resources for developing proficiency in French. So, join one of Nathalie's classes to learn French, to meet new people and to have fun

Regine Nelson - 2017 
PROGRAMS: Conversation Meetup

I recently move to Austin from the east coast, where was I previously being tutored in French by an amazing native speaker. I knew that I wanted to continue my French language studies but with more conversation and the opportunity to speak with other learners. I was more than satisfied with Live in French and Nathalie. She teaches an amazing advanced french conversation class. Her classes are small enough that everyone gets a chance to speak. I would definitely recommend you take a class with her whether you are new at french, need a refresher or just want to grow in your skills. She's a teacher at heart and she loves sharing her knowledge of the French language and growing up in France. I can't wait for the next session to start! Come join us. :)

Margaret Boeneke - Technical Writer -- also student at Alliance Francaise  - 2017
These classes are great if you are looking to speak French! Nathalie focuses on conversation and everyday interactions, which are *so* valuable when you are traveling. I have taken conversation classes with Live in French for about 6 months and the class has progressed perfectly with my level. It is always hard to find people to practice speaking with and these classes are a lifesaver.

Deidre Kateri Aragon, Spanish Teacher, Owner of Live The Language - 2015
PROGRAMS: Advanced Grammar Class + Conversation Meetup
I had the joy and pleasure of taking French classes with Nathalie for 8 months, both, privately and in a small group. I absolutely loved her classes and teaching style. I attended French school in Mexico City and didn’t have a chance to learn France’s accent because my teachers were either non-native speakers or French Canadian. In college I had a few native French teachers, but as you might know in a college setting, one hardly ever gets a chance to speak the language due to time and class- size limitations. In Nathalie’s classes, I had plenty of opportunities to speak, and Nathalie gently corrected my pronunciation. Furthermore, thanks to Nathalie I was able to become aware of and correct the bad grammar mistakes that I had been making systematically for years. In Nathalie’s classes I not only learned standard French pronunciation but also learned dozens of idioms that I had never used before, and now happily incorporate into my French speaking. Because Nathalie is worldly cultured and widely traveled her lessons and topics of conversation are very interesting and engaging. This made my leaning experience much more interesting and fun. in Nathalie’s classes I not only fixed my grammar, but also learned about French African Culture, Southern France’s culture, the Parisian way of living and more. If you are truly interested in achieving native fluency in French in Austin, Texas, Nathalie is the BEST Austin has to offer. Try out one of her classes. You’ll love the class and love her. Nathalie’s teaching style is unparalleled. You will be speaking French couramment if you take her classes.

Dr. Jennifer Green, Professor of Philosophy at St. Edward's University, Austin-TX - 2013
PROGRAMS: Beginner French Conversation Class
I had been "speaking" French on and off for about 20 years, but had always been so embarrassed about my accent that I never actually spoke much, Nathalie's classes fixed that -- they were fantastic! We went over the structure and basics of grammar which I wouldn't have thought I'd like but it was so useful. I will never use Phrase Books again. The level of understanding both in hearing and speaking is so much better if you know how to actually put sentences together. I was surprised how quickly I made progress considering this was a totally new way of doing it for me. (I would have thought it would be slower, looking at the sentence structure, etc. -- much faster!). And she was so good about working on pronunciation! I went over to Paris by myself and actually chatted with folks rather than just asking where the bathroom was. Finally, classes were really enjoyable, I found myself looking forward to them each week. Highly recommended!" 


Yu Shi, Westlake Mom of an 8 year old - 2017
My 8 years old daughter loves Nathalie! I think I myself will go to study with her in the near future! After our trip to France two years ago, I hope my daughter could learn some French. I did my research on google and find her school, and we all love her!!! The class is focus on active conversations, but she send out the class outlines and summary in a very detailed way through email every week! So if you want to spend a little time to help your child to review them, the kids do can learn a lot! I as a parent do appreciate all the work Nathalie did! Austin does not have too much French school for kids. I hope this review could help the right person to find the right school and right teacher! Talk to Nathalie, then you will know it all worth it.....

Dr. Michael Mosser, Lecturer at UT, International Relations and Global Studies, Father of 13 year old - 2017
A year ago, we were looking for a French teacher to assist our middle school-age daughter to begin learning French before formal high school classes. We found Nathalie through a Google search, where these reviews helped to persuade us to give her a try. We signed our daughter up for beginner-level immersion classes, held once a week for two hours each Saturday. Before the lessons even began, we were extremely impressed with Nathalie's communication and organization. Her business is run with professionalism that a full-fledged language school would be wise to emulate. Emails are sent on a regular basis informing the parents of what was to be expected. Forms were posted on her website (which itself is quite informative and well laid-out) and payment is handled in a number of different ways. All of this told us early on that we had made a good choice, but it remained to be seen whether our daughter's learning style and Nathalie's teaching style would mesh. After the first lesson, it became clear that our worries were unfounded. Our daughter bounced out of the lesson declaring that she loved learning French, loved the setup of classes, and especially loved the way Madame Nathalie taught the language via immediate conversation and learning games. Moreover, the group is small and not at all like a classroom setting, so that our daughter is learning conversation in a natural manner. We feel that this will only benefit her when paired with the traditional learning model of grammar and textbook work in her AISD French class. We have been with Nathalie for one year now; a fall semester, spring semester, and most of this summer. Our daughter has never lost her love of the language and even asked for one of the language games (Kloo) for a birthday present so that we can all practice our French at home in the same enjoyable manner as in her weekly lessons. School, and traditional language instruction, begins in a few weeks, but we're keeping our daughter in Saturday classes for as long as she wants to be there. Nathalie's approach is exactly right, in our opinion. Her prices are eminently reasonable for the quality of the instruction, and the facility (her home in the Hill Country) is a fine locale for this kind of instruction. I cannot say enough good things about Nathalie and Live in French! -I encourage anyone who's been thinking about taking French lessons but has been scared off either by bad experiences in school or just plain anxiety about language learning to give her approach a try. It's been a spectacular success for our daughter. 

Evelyne Jones, French Mom of a 10 year old - 2017
I am French and I made the mistake not to constantly speak French with my son so I decided to find a French teacher to help. I found Nathalie's class online and registered my son on her Saturday classes. My son loves her, she has SO much patience and is great with the kids. She has a good lesson plan for the kids consisting of basic learning but the best part is that she speaks to the kids in French at all time. If they did not understand she would say it in English but repeat it in French. I've witness some kids in the intermediate level speaking French at a good level now they are able to hold a full conversation. She will also send email with the lesson they've worked on with the audio and as long as parents have their kids practicing they will speak French in no time.

Alejandra Rios, Intermediate French Conversation Children Classes - 2017
Live in French was a great experience. I have been attending the Saturday mornings intermediate classes and have learned a lot of conversational frases. Mrs. Nathalie makes the class a joy to attend. Every activity is fun to participate in. I would totally recommend Live in French to anyone who wants to learn French in a relaxed and exciting environment.

Courtney Jones, Bee Cave Mom of a 13 year old French student - 2016
My 13yr old daughter participated in a week long full immersion summer camp in 2016 and enjoyed her time very much. It was the perfect supplement to her French classes at school. Nathalie is a joy to work with and keeps the kids engaged. If you're looking for fun French camp full of crafts. cooking, and culture, you should give it a try

Joelle Beisner, Pemberton Mom of a 5 year old girl, 3.5 year old boy and 19 months old boy - 2015
Nathalie has been working with my three children (5, 3.5, and 19 mos.) for a year now, and it has been amazing to watch them--even my baby--learn and to see her work, all while they think they are just playing with her! She understands kids, and knows how they learn, and she generates an excitement for learning. She is always coming up with new ways to integrate their learning into life, and she has tons of great suggestions for supplements to what you do in "class". As a former almost fluent speaker, who is now pretty rusty, I have found it a great review for me to learn alongside them. My husband, who had a basic grasp from studying French in high school feels like he has learned more from her than he ever did in class. Nathalie has a gift and a passion for what she does. She is a wonderful teacher--I highly recommend her!!! " 

Meredith Davenport, Wimberley Montessori School Mom of a 10 year old girl and 9 year old son - 2016
Both of my children had a wonderful time in Nathalie’s 2016 summer camp and were eager to share all of the activities of each day with me at pick-up (including newly learned French phrases and words). My daughter had been learning French with an online program (neither of her parents speak or understand French). The summer camp really made the language come alive for her in a lovely way and fueled her desire to learn more about the language and culture of France. Despite my son’s resistance to learning languages, he so enjoyed all of the activities at the camp that he seemed to forget that he was also learning French in the process. Both of my children flourished under Nathalie’s guidance. She is patient and gentle as she prompts the correct pronunciation of various French words and phrases. Nathalie also has a lovely and energetic presence which my children both thoroughly enjoyed - she simply made learning fun! This is a wonderful camp and a great introduction to the French language and culture . . . I would highly recommend this camp as an educational and fun summer activity.

Stephanie Joos, Austin Montessori School Mom of a 12 year old boy - 2015
How many times have you wished you’d learned a second language? At home with family or friends, listening to the language being spoken , understanding intuitively what was being asked for or said in daily living, absorbing language and almost effortlessly mimicking the language in return. That is what Nathalie Misserey-Biggie offers in Live the Language - Live In French camps and classes. So often learning a new language is frustrating and the older you get, even embarrassing and difficult. Live the Language is a comfortable, stress free, embarrassment free environment to absorb the French language and culture. My son Connor, 12 and with no French language experience, spent two weeks in camp with Ms. Nathalie and came away with such an exuberance for the language and culture. He spent the summer talking about the experience and rattling off phrases that he learned in camp. Ms. Nathalie not only taught my son French, she taught him to love the experience of learning French. I highly recommend the Live the Language - Live in French program!

Rowena Richter, Cedars Montessori School Mom of a 9 year old girl - 2014
This method works! Before this summer, my daughter (age 9) only knew “bonjour.” After only a few weeks in Ms. Nathalie’s French camp (and listening regularly to the French songs on the CD provided), she sings and speaks beautifully in French with an excellent accent. She has at least 400 words of vocabulary and is comfortable with many basic phrases. Best of all, she loved learning French with Ms. Nathalie. She had so much fun with the animals, playing games, and preparing and eating delicious French food all the while learning related French.

Souad Hakim, Austin Montessori School Mom of a 5 year old girl - 2014
I signed up my 5 years old for the french camp because of the setting. It is country like living, with chickens, alpacas, beautiful nature. Ayah loves outdoors and animals, so I thought she'll be happy there, and if she can pick up some french that's even better. To my surprise she was very excited about the language and after a whole summer there, she picked up an impressive amount of vocabulary with the right accent. At home she tells " en francais maman!" which means " in french mom" because she wants me to speak french with her. I've been looking for a french teacher for a long time and I'm glad I found Nathalie, she's an amazing person, fun, engaging and very patient with the children. The "live the language" method, where she uses french with the children in the day to day activities (cooking, eating, exercising, taking care of animals, ...) made it so much easy and fun for them. Ayah was sad the camp ended, and already asking me when we can go back!

Valerie Lopez, Cedars Montessori School Mom of a 7 year old boy - 2014
My son understood French going into the summer camp because I've spoken it to him since birth.  At nearly 7 years of age, and one overseas trip to Belgium, he would not speak on his own.  We took advantage of the summer lessons for most of the summer as his primary summer camp.  By the end of the camp, he was speaking voluntarily, correcting me (my vocabulary is that of a 7 year old, but I'm 100% conversational) and his confidence in his ability to speak dramatically improved. Besides the french language training, he learned about the care of chickens and alpacas.  The breakfast and lunch menus were traditional French recipes and far better than anything I could offer.  I can't really recommend this camp experience or the French instruction enough!

Jessie Richter, 4th grade - 2014
I love French camp! Not only do you learn French, but you get to play fun games, do fun and interesting activities, and make and enjoy yummy dishes. The method works! Ms. Nathalie is a great teacher!

Melinda Marble, Mom of an 11 year old girl - 2015
Our 11-year-old daughter wanted to learn French after a trip to Quebec. We researched traditional French lessons (which we were afraid might be boring for a child) and then we discovered this camp. Our daughter absolutely loved it, and so did we. Nathalie Misserey-Biggie brought the French culture alive through music, games, crafts, cooking delicious French food and eating what they cooked. Every day was an adventure. They played hide and go seek in French, zip-lined in French, practiced yoga in French, watched movies in French... Our daughter ended the camp with a grasp of the language, a taste of the culture and an authentic accent. She can't wait for next year to take the camp again!

Julie Corne, Mom of an 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl
My eight year old and six year old participated in the last Live the Language - Live in French  Summer Camp of 2013.  I was thrilled when both of my children were excited to tell me about all the activities of the day - normally I have to pry information out of them.  They were particularly captivated with the alpacas and chickens at the camp, which is located on a beautiful ranch in South Austin.  The lessons are integrated with arts and crafts, music, yoga, outdoor activities, and lots of feeding/interracting with the animals.  My son loved the daily water fights and the little zipline they have from their treehouse to the ground.  Mom's favorite part was that breakfast and lunch were provided, and made from the owner's garden.  There is something for everyone!  While there are structured "lesson" times, the lessons and vocabulary are immediately put to use in their playtime, doing many things they've never done before (who knew they'd ask to knit) - so it's never boring.  Learning by doing is much more effective, and fun!  

Jennifer Engel, Mom of an 8 year old girl - 2015
The Live in French  Summer Camp introduced my daughter, who is eight, to the french language and culture. She loved learning about the animals, crafts and cuisine, where she got to actually prepared the food (we have been making it at home too!).
The live in French method of everyday activities reinforced with crafts, games, and music made it so fun she didnt even realize how much French she had learned. She had a big sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. We were all please with the camp and would definitely recommend the camp to others who would like a fun way to learn about the French language and culture!


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